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Wearable Tech and Mobile Marketing

By: capturecode | Aug 29, 2014

Mobile marketing is the trend right now. The increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets has paved way for marketers to reach out to customers anytime, anywhere. But what after smartphones and tablets? What is the future of mobile marketing? Well, the answer is wearable tech according to some experts in the tech industry. But for some, wearable tech is like something out of a sci-fi movie. The question here is how should brands look at wearable tech? As the future or not?


Taking mobile marketing to the next level

Mobile marketing has become an integral part of a business’ marketing campaign, regardless of how big or small the organization is. So far, businesses have been focusing on users with smartphones and tablets and finding ways to reach out to them and engage them in meaningful activity and at the same time trying to create an interest in them for the brand. They have designed and developed apps for different mobile platforms and created mobile advertising campaigns for the same. But they haven’t been able to get it all right. Right now, it could be time to take mobile marketing to the next level.


Wearables the next level of mobile marketing?

When it comes to mobile technology, wearable tech is certainly one step ahead of smartphones and tablets. We already have smart watches, Bluetooth wrist bands for tracking and to play music, and Google glasses. But these wearable gadgets may not do so well for all brands, even though they are as appealing as they are. Wearable tech may only be able to take mobile marketing to the next level in some sectors like sports, automobiles and entertainment.


Brands should focus on what people have

Google Glasses are certainly avant-garde, but they aren’t exactly there in the market yet. So there is no point in trying to get to customers through it. Wearable technology could definitely be the next big thing in the future for mobile marketing, but right now it is not. So brands would be better off focusing on the existing mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are increasingly being used by people from all walks of life.


Paulig e-ink display mug

While a majority of brands are focusing on smartphone and tablet users, Paulig, a European coffee brand came up with an e-ink mug that can be connected to the user’s smartphone. Pictures from smartphone can be uploaded to the mug and when hot liquid is poured into it, the image gets displayed on it. The launch of this cool e-ink mug attracted a lot of media attention. Gadgets like these will certainly create the next wave in mobile marketing, and will act as vehicles for promoting the brand in a meaningful, relevant way.

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