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Want Your Customer Loyalty Program to Work? Involve Your Staff

By: capturecode | Aug 13, 2014

Customer loyalty programs are losing their charm. Not many people are keen on sticking to one particular brand just for the sake of loyalty. If you want your customers to stick with you, you need to offer quality service and products. In the internet age, a loyalty program will only act as a medium for expressing your gratitude towards your customers. All the same, loyalty programs can help you form a lasting relationship with customers who are happy with you. The first step to connecting with your customers via loyalty programs is promotion.

Promote your loyalty program

Your loyalty program does not deliver the desired results unless you make your target audience aware of it. One of the best ways to promote these programs is through word of mouth. That is right. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on promoting the loyalty program when you can do it for a lot lesser. Wondering how? Simple – rope in your existing staff members.

Encourage staff with rewards

It has been proven that employees who feel a part of the organization, those who feel like they “belong” to the company are the ones who deliver the best results. They are the most productive people in the firm and are willing to work for real, for the development of the company. Involve your employees in the loyalty program and offer them rewards for getting encouraging customers to join it. Right from the floor staff to the senior managers, everyone should be offered rewards for promoting the loyalty program and for convincing customers to register for it.

Create a friendly, yet competitive environment

Competition boosts the energy levels in anyone. Use the spirit of competition to encourage your staff to get more people to sign up for the rewards programs. If you have multiple stores, have a friendly competition between the staff members of each location. Offer them a big reward in the end – one that actually matters to them. For instance, you can offer them a small increment or bonus for the month, free vouchers, budget for a group outing and so on. Remember that the idea is only to get your employees to create awareness about your loyalty program.

Make them believe

For your employees to really put their heart into the promotion, they need to believe that the loyalty program is actually good. Otherwise, no matter how much they want the reward you offer, they won’t be able to convince the customer about the loyalty program. So before you get started with the loyalty program, make sure that your staff is well-aware of it and has the required knowledge about it to pass on to the customers.

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