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Use Push Notifications to Boost Users’ Mobile Engagement

By: capturecode | Sep 30, 2014

The trick is to use them in such a way that it boosts customer engagement, but does not turn the user off. Here are a few tips on how to use push notifications to boost mobile engagement.


Set a baseline and prepare key metrics

If you send too many push notifications, there is a risk that the customer might get put off and will start ignoring your messages. If you send too few, you are missing out on a great opportunity to engage your customers. To optimize the process, map out how effective your push notifications really are – feedback messages and number of click throughs will give you a clear idea.

Make an inventory of consumer events. Are you generating notifications for each event? For each notification, find out how many people received the notifications Vs how many acted upon them. Do you see a positive co-relation? If not, you need to change the content on your notifications. Link the notifications to topline KPI. How are the notifications affecting Daily/Weekly and Monthly users who are active?


Personalize the messages

App users have different expectations and needs from notifications. The most engaged users need predictability. Unless you have found out that you are sending this group too many notifications, ensure that they are getting regular notifications reliably and quickly. Segregate the push notifications and cut off the ones that are not getting 5 to 7 percent click through rates.

Note that lapsed users can be won back with the right notifications. If they are not interested in product related notifications, try sending them retention notifications. Ensure that the copy is specific and has a clear call to action. Such as a “Click here” to buy option in a mailer rather than merely giving product information.


Maximize delivery of push notifications

If your users opt out of your push notifications, your efforts to scale up their quality will be wasted. Here are a few tips to maximize notification delivery.


  • Educate your users about the push notifications (how they can be useful; if they have opted out, why they should opt in again).
  • Leverage the opportunities offered by new platforms like embedded pictures and in-line responding. This way, they can stay engaged even without opening the app.
  • Make sure that the push infrastructure is reliable. That is, the notifications should be delivered irrespective of the platform (iOS, Android, etc) and the carrier (T-mobile, Vodafone, etc).

Push notifications can drive mobile engagement when you set clear goals and metrics, while personalizing and maximizing their delivery.













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