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To Market! To Market!

By: capturecode | Sep 19, 2014

We’ve so far looked into the importance of both direct and indirect approaches to digital marketing and various ways to make them work. Let’s now look at some of the inherent advantages of either approach. This helps in deciding on the optimal digital marketing strategy for your business.


Advantages of Direct Marketing

Personalized Interaction: Sending an e-mail or a message addressing a given person it paves the way for bonding beyond business. It makes the customer feel valued even before the business interaction is initiated and thus creates a positive vibe.

Call to action: The channels employed in direct marketing call for a decisive action from the recipient and are aimed at producing a specific result. Remember the “Click Here” to order now option that you’ve seen in your inbox?

Measurable results: Since you have the data on how many mails, SMS or calls have been made, to which customers, and the result of each and every attempt, it becomes much easier to calculate the return on investment and alter marketing methodologies accordingly.


Advantages of Indirect Marketing

Not Pushy: Some customers might consider it an intrusion to receive a sales call and be put off by your company or product. However, with indirect marketing the customer enjoys a greater liberty and thereby feels in control of his choices.

Long Term Relationship: Your twitter followers might not immediately translate into sales figures. Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity to have a wonderful conversation and possibly the customer will take a greater interest in what you offer.

Less Expensive: Compared to generating customized content for a specific audience, using open source platforms and social media to engage a broad spectrum of consumers is far less resource intensive.


The Right Mix:

Taking into consideration all the above factors, it’s apparent that the winning combination includes both direct and indirect marketing methods. First a large and diverse population of prospects is addressed through indirect tools, in view the long term business aspirations. The responses are then scrutinized to enable a more focused direct marketing for immediate and accurate results.

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