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The Most Important Marketing Metrics a Business Should Measure

By: capturecode | Jun 24, 2014

You would have invested several hundreds or even thousands of dollars in marketing your product online. Now, that money can be considered well-spent only when the marketing campaign fetches you the desired results. The question is how will you know if the results you have obtained are worth the money you spent? The answer is to measure certain metrics that will accurately tell you what you have gained through your marketing strategies. Here is a list of the most important metrics that you must measure to know if your strategies are working.


Site Traffic Metrics

One of the most important metrics to keep track of is site traffic – this tells you how many people are visiting your website every day. You will also know which affiliate sites or advertisements are generating the maximum or even significant traffic to your site, so that you can determine which ads or affiliates to keep and which to eliminate.


In addition to the sources, you should also focus on the keywords that have generated the traffic for your site. That will enable you to focus on traffic-generating keywords for SEO and also for paid marketing on the internet.


Cost Per Click

If you are spending a significant amount of money on pay per click advertising, you should keep a track of the cost per click. Cost per click is the amount you pay each time someone clicks on the online ad on Google search pages or an affiliate page and visits your website. The cost per click metric, compared to the percentage of conversions, tells you whether the ad is generating good enough traffic to your site or landing page.


Conversion Metrics

Site traffic metrics give you a basic idea of how many people visit your site and how they are coming through to the site. What is more important that is the number of people visiting your site and actually purchasing something from you, or performing the desired action like subscribing to your news letter, or sharing contact information online. In simple words, conversion metrics are among the most important metrics you must measure to know whether or not your marketing strategies are actually working.


While site traffic metrics tell you which keywords to use, the conversion metrics tell you if the content or landing page in which the keywords were used is actually good enough to impress the customers and encourage them to invest in your products and services. Also, the conversion metrics give you an accurate idea about the number of customers you have obtained through your online marketing strategy and the percentage of sales through your e-commerce site.


Overall ROI

Overall return on the investment on marketing is the most important metric that every business has to measure to know if the marketing expenditure is actually getting back as much revenue as it should for the business.

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