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Our All-in-One Platform Helps Businesses Increase Their Revenue

Merchant Partners

CaptureCode has proven successful for merchants in many industries–from retail to hospitality, service industry to restaurants & nightlife. Our “PaaS” (Platform-as-a-Service) provides the all-encompassing marketing attention that every consumer-facing business deserves.

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Independent Sales Organizations have consistently found CaptureCode provides a host of services that are a welcome addition for almost any merchant services package.

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From our advanced integrations with affiliated POS systems to our ability to effectively measure ROI of marketing campaigns, CaptureCode brings a wealth of analytics that enhance most Enterprise level businesses ability to quantify their financial progression.

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Multi-Faceted Platform

Brand Builder

Convey your message through effective marketing in order to create a brand among prospective clients. Our innovative solution builds consumer engagement and the growth of your brand.

Mobile Apps

Provide and enhance consumer engagement by providing an easy to use interface for customers to learn more about your program, check balances & promotions, and communicate directly with you.

Social Sharing / Donation

Send customized gifts to your customers. Your customers can then share their gifts with friends or family, or donate them to charity.

Digital Campaign

In just five easy to navigate steps, our system enables you to create customized promotional campaigns to engage your customers and drive repeat business.

Consumer Engagement

We enable you to track customers using our real-time comprehensive analytics in order to generate business intelligence. Effectively target and improve your interaction with customers and measure their responsiveness.

Gifting and Rewards

Increase repeat business by running real-time, customizable promotions which further allows you to understand your customers’ buying behavior. Provide electronic gift cards or stick to physical cards.

Mobile Wallets

More and more people are using their mobile devices for shopping these days. Take advantage of this trend and reduce costs of sale by integrating our mobile wallet technology.

Survey (On Demand)

Engage your customers by staying informed of their preferences and experiences through the feedback from our surveys. Reward consumers but also generate data which helps you market more effectively to them.

Analytics (B.I)

Our service provides the essential metrics needed for your business to identify what needs to be done to improve customer relations by assessing engagement levels.

POS Integration

CaptureCode is fully integrated with several major POS systems which allows businesses to deliver real-time promotions, use analytics to be more effect in marketing efforts and drive higher ROI.

Marketing Consultant

Work with our consultants to create and implement marketing strategies centered on the core of your business so you can get the best results from your marketing efforts.

Consumer Portal

CaptureCode enables consumers to have the ability to personally engage with businesses of their choice. We provide you with your own branded landing page where consumers can access all their data online, register, and login.

Tools for Everyone

Merchant Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides the analytics to measure the success of your program in a simplistic fashion. View all-time stats, or drill down on specific locations or time frames to find the data you need to effectively quantify your return on marketing investment.

Campaign Management

In just five easy to navigate steps, the CaptureCode system enables you to create customized promotional campaigns to engage your customers and drive repeat business.

Merchant Branded App for iOS or Windows

CaptureCode offers multiple ways to interact 1-on-1 with your customers. Scan them on-the-go with our iOS app or via your POS terminal with our scanner application. These will enable you to register new customers and reward your regulars.

Consumer App (LuxCode or Branded)

The new and improved LuxCode app is available for consumers on both Apple and Android devices and provides an easy to use interface for customers to learn more about your program, check balances & promotions, and communicate directly with you.

Gift Cards

Enable your customers to purchase physical or electronic gift cards for themselves, their friends and family. If the recipient already is a member of your program, they can load their existing rewards card with the gift card value.


Quickly and efficiently direct online or mobile surveys to your customers based on specific redemptions, visit thresholds or simple on-demand groups. CaptureCode merchants find that these help engage your customers as well as helping you to stay informed of their preferences and experiences.

Consumer Portal

We provide each merchant with their own branded landing page for consumers to register & login, check their balances and edit account preferences.

Real-Time Reporting Tools

In addition to our dashboard, CaptureCode provides detailed real-time reports to show all visits, redemptions, points earned, and any other statistics you’d like to review and measure.


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