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Small Businesses Can Boost Growth with Mobile App Engagement

By: capturecode | Jul 1, 2014

Small businesses have quite a big challenge of establishing themselves in a market, which is ruled by big players. Marketing is one of the most important things that a small business owner has to focus on. But as much as they may want to hype their marketing activities, entrepreneurs of startups may not have the budget for it. The good news is that small businesses need not invest much in marketing to give their business the needed boost. All they have to do is invest a little in mobile apps. Here are the reasons why.

Smartphone and Mobile App Usage Hits New High

The number of people using smartphones only continues to go up, according to the latest survey. In May 2014, smartphone and app usage numbers reached a new high, with the time spent on digital media increasing from 43% last May to 51% this year. Also, the percentage of people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has increased to 60% this year, from 50% in May 2013. In all, mobile app engagement accounted to 10 billion minutes only in the month of May 2014. Of that, people spent the maximum on social networking and photo sharing apps like Flickr, Instagram and Pandora.

Maps and instant messaging, among other apps, accounted for 90% mobile engagement, while games came next with 86% and digital music at 72%. Put it simply, people are spending more and more time on their mobile phones, and businesses should bank on it.

Custom mobile app can drive business

Investing in development of a custom app for your business is a good idea as the chances of your customers interacting with you via the mobile platforms is high. A custom app enables you to sell your products, offer rewards and encourage your customers to interact with you via instant messaging or feedback options. Other ways you can use the mobile app to boost business, like many big name brands do, is by integrating your services with 3rd party apps, offer mobile shopping, mobile booking, offer GPS tracking and directions etc.

Ways to use mobile app for business growth

Having a custom app designed for your company is just the first step. Next is the most important step, which is to market your mobile app to encourage customers to use and interact with the brand via the app. The app can be promoted via social networking sites – introduce and talk about the app on your Facebook Page, or make an announcement about the launch of your app, followed by updates in Twitter. You can also offer free trials, giveaways, special or early bird discounts for the first few mobile app registrations or logins etc.

Including push notifications and alerts in the mobile app will also add to your marketing efforts.

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