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Moving from Spam to Effective Communication

By: capturecode | Sep 16, 2014

Taking cue from our previous post, this one will be dedicated to discussing direct marketing. Plenty has been said about what works and more about what does not. So, we will create a cheat sheet to help you understand the world of e-mail promotions a little better.

Tailor E-Mail Content

With enormous amounts of data available, the content of your email has to be customised. There is no excuse for sending irrelevant e-mails. But, apart from that, these are a few things one can do to improve the Click Through Rates (CTR):

Subject Line: Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research veteran, reports that 64% people say that the subject line matters. That was in 2012, but it still holds true. Understandably, there is a lot of pressure on the subject line, and yes, it should do it all – communicate what is in the mail, attract attention and be catchy.

Body of the Mail: More than80% of users read e-mails on mobile devices. That’s why the design and the content of the e-mail should be tailored to be as effective on mobile devices as it is on a laptop.

Interactive Content: A call for action is always a good idea. ‘Click Here’ gets the highest percentage of clicks as opposed to ‘Go and Submit’. According to GetResponse in 2012, e-mails with social sharing buttons showed a 158% higher CTR. Also, businesses can update themselves by introducing a relevancy test in the mailers from time to time.


Time it Right

A 2013 study conducted by Marketing Sherpa revealed that 23% and 55% of B2C and B2B marketers respectively, saw a drop in CTR during the weekends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays were rated as most effective by marketers with a mixed audience, and 40% retailers found Sunday to be best for sending out mailers.


Avoid the Spam Folder

The only way to do this is by understanding what constitutes spam. There are no shortcuts here. So, word your text carefully, establish credibility, probably use a double-opt-in method, and learn from mistakes.


Identify the Ideal Frequency

Net-a-Porter in UK created a control group and reduced the number of e-mailers sent per week. They saw and immediate increase in CTR and conversion rates. Simply put, when sending out promotional e-mails, we go back to the basics – ‘More is not always better’. Also, let your customers decide what they want to receive by separating subscriptions for newsletters, product promotions and so on.

In conclusion, while these steps lay the groundwork, each industry works differently and the best way to identify the most effective strategy is by trying out these cool tricks on a control group. Testing is the key to unlocking the best strategy for you.

** All statistics and data points mentioned have been taken from HubSpot, unless otherwise specified.

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