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Mobile marketing to see numerous innovations in 2013

By: capturecode | Jan 15, 2013

Many companies are just starting to realize the full potential of mobile consumer engagement. Garnering consumer information from mobile applications used by patrons can prove to be a lucrative cache of data for a retailer, while the program itself can help the shopper complete a transaction and find additional product information with ease.

Because this scenario can benefit all parties involved, creating such apps is becoming increasingly popular in the retail sphere. While many analysts believe that this mobile payments technology became a focus for a number of retailers in 2012, 2013 might be the year in which marketers and store administrators hone their skills to use these programs.

Numerous industry experts complied lists of what they think 2013 will hold for consumer engagement initiatives on smartphones. Taking into account possible new devices that could hit the market and consumer trends that might continue through the new year, 2013 is already slated to be successful for those who decide to create mobile CRM campaigns.

Strengthened analytics
According to Business 2 Community, many retailers will be focusing on developing their analysis of certain metrics through 2013. While 2012 may have been the year that administrators researched and/or developed mobile payment applications, these initiatives should be coming to fruition in 2013. These apps can give retailers an idea of how their customers pay, if they have ​loyalty cards tied into their online shopping accounts, what kinds of merchandise individual patrons are interested in and plenty of other measurements. These statistics can not only be used to make transactions​easier for the entire target market, but it can result in closer, more personalized relationships with consumers.

Business 2 Community explained that because smartphones used for payments spiked during the 2012 holiday season, this might provide the catalyst store owners need to begin focusing more on data analytics.

Integration of other features
As years go on, smartphones are increasingly including more programs and features that enable even more connectivity. As such, though mobile CRM initiatives are often centered around information obtained from apps, CRM Buyer recommended using other cell phone features to provide an even deeper, more focused experience for shoppers in 2013.

The news outlet suggested using some of the other tools present on phones, like push notifications and text messages, within the campaigns.

“In 2013, they will begin to see that building a mobile opt-in database combined with effective targeting and content strategy will drive foot traffic and sales,” mobile solutions representative at Vibes Julie Novack told CRM Buyer, detailing that this can be done by adding information that comes from these newly integrated features and analyzed in the same way that the data from mobile apps are considered.

Using other information that may not be possible to gain from trends seen on applications can also help retailers strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer – patrons tend to respond better to promotions that are angled toward them personally, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

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