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Mobile Marketing is Crucial for Your Business, Stats Prove

By: capturecode | Jun 17, 2014

Time and again, marketing gurus have been stressing on the importance of mobile media as a channel for promoting goods and services of a business. Many businesses have also embraced the mobile marketing concept and invested hundreds of thousands to tap the mobile user market. However, there are a number of businesses still wary of this marketing form and not willing to invest in it. If you are in doubt whether or not to invest in mobile marketing for your business, here are a few stats that will help you make up your mind.


Google searches on mobile devices to increase

According to the search engine giant Google, the number of people using mobiles for Google search is going to surpass the number of people using desktops or PCs for the task next year. By 2015, around 85.9 billion will be mobile Google searches while 84 billion would be on PCs. Also by 2015, the number of smartphone users will increase to 2 billion, which is a large enough market that businesses cannot choose to ignore.


Conversions quicker through mobile

Research has also revealed that more than 80% of the searches on mobile are converted into sales within 5 hours. The reason here being that smartphone is a package of everything a user needs to finish the transaction – a computer for search, a phone for calling the seller, and an app to select and make a purchase. The chances of sale increase with one-to-one interaction via phone or in person.


Mobile connects better

Earlier you needed a computer to connect to the internet. Now all you need is a phone, not even a smartphone. Your mobile phone connects you through multiple channels – internet, phone, email, instant chats and cloud sharing. A majority of people around the world use smartphones for five major tasks – phone call, email, searches, photography and social media. 83 percent use a phone for its basic purpose of calling, while 74% use it for checking email and 67% for Google searches. 62 percent use the phone to take pictures while 57% use it for social networking.


Mobile used by one and all

If you think that smartphones and mobile internet is only for the youngsters, you are mistaken. A number of adults, especially those aged between 50 and 65 are leaning towards use of mobile devices. Statistics show that on Twitter, the fastest growing demographic is the age group between 54 and 64. Even on Facebook and Google+, more and more people aged between 45 and 54 are participating.


Apps make life easier

The stats also show that apps are preferred to websites for making a purchase, checking email or searching for information. Facebook is the most downloaded app, while Google+ is the second most used and Google Search is the next in line.

What’s more interesting is that when you target a smartphone user, you can connect with them anytime and anywhere. In fact, 75 percent of people in the US have admitted to taking their smartphones to bathrooms too! You still think mobile marketing is a bad idea?

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