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How Women Respond to Mobile Advertising

By: capturecode | Aug 13, 2014

Business owners investing in mobile advertising should ask themselves one question – is their mobile marketing campaign effective enough? Is it getting the desired results? If not, the next thing to consider is the target niche. Does your target audience consist of both men and women? Or only one gender. Gender is one of the basic things that many marketers tend to overlook. They fail in taking different approaches when they market the product to men and women. This is not good, for studies have revealed that men and women tend to respond differently to advertisements, especially on mobile platforms.

Men and women are different

You must have heard the old adage that goes something like “men are from mars and women are from Venus”. The point here is that men and women are different and their perspective of things is also different, regardless of their cultural, geographical and ethnic background. Even though the gender difference continues to get smaller and smaller in terms of incomes, role at home and professional growth, men and women continue to think, feel and react differently to the same thing. Marketers must remember this basic difference when developing their advertising strategies if they wish to create an impact with their mobile advertisements.

Men like mobile ads more, says research

A recent study has revealed that when it comes to mobile advertising, men are more favorable than women. Men like all kinds of mobile ads, while women are choosy about what they click on. Compared to women, more men had a positive experience with mobile ads. While 15 percent men of a sample of 1000 said they had a positive experience, only 6 percent women in 1000 said they had a positive experience interacting with mobile ads.

How to create an impact on women via mobile advertising

Men are goal-oriented even when it comes to shopping. They go with a mission and quickly get done with it. Women are emotional and rely more on visual-imagery than facts and figures. So when marketing a product only to women, here are a few points you should keep in mind.

• Use of creative elements is a good idea when advertising to women.
• Focus should be on altruism – emotion-based visuals appeal more to women than numbers
• Women don’t find messages with conflict appealing, as their brains are programmed for social harmony than for conflict or violence
• If it is not relevant to them, women won’t even bother to see the entire advertisement. So make it relevant
• Overt messages must be avoided – women like to pick on hints and appreciate them.

Direct advertising with phrases like “call now” or “hurry” is more appealing to men, so avoid that in your mobile ads targeting women. Remember, forced ads leave a negative impression on women.


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