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Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Marketing Trends

By: capturecode | Sep 4, 2014

Although organizations have been pursuing various digital marketing avenues for some time now, it’s only recently that it has become a key component of an effective business strategy. Let’s look at some of most common digital marketing trends that evolved as a result of changing consumer behavior, and how they can be considerable drivers of sales and revenue in times to come.


Crisp Content: Despite relevantly written content being the mainstay of digital marketing, consumers would certainly appreciate a great work of art or a video, especially when it tells them all that they need to know. Also, consumers are more likely to engage and share if the content appeals to them – the success of image-based social media such as Pinterest and Instagram and the promise shown by video platform Vine being a case in point.


Power to People: Though analytics give a head start in narrowing down your customer base, the important thing is to enable customized offerings while also allaying their fears of privacy intrusion. The idea of asking people what they want or what they think of a company’s offerings is aided by the ‘Big Data’ boost. User generated content can greatly enhance the confidence of fellow consumers. People are hardwired to favor a product or service their friends and relatives speak (like, tweet and post) highly of.


World of Wearables: It’s still some way from gaining mainstream acceptance and traction. Nonetheless, Google Glass has paved the way along with some really cool, smart watches. Nike’s Fuelband was a success, and the UP wristband from Jawbone is catching up. With the Internet increasingly becoming the lifeblood of our times there is only one direction this trend is headed.


Mobile Mania: Perhaps the most significant and game changing aspect of digital marketing is centered on the mobile-based model, contributing to more than 30% of all the web traffic. This is an indication of the consumers’ desire to remain updated at all times and facilitates real-time interactions. The days of the desktops are not over yet, but with more and more powerful smart phones and tablets coming out, they certainly seem to be numbered. In the e-commerce space the mobile first modus operandi is already paying rich dividends and other retail and service sectors are set to follow suit.
The times are changing and it is imperative that marketing methodologies try and keep pace with the rapidly evolving consumer preferences and business climate. An inclination to embrace novel approaches to digital marketing can be a decisive element in the success of the business.






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