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Historic Bars in Boston: A Look Back Into The Past

By: capturecode | Jul 30, 2014

Boston is a historic and cultural landmark in the United States and is home to several iconic settings that make it a unique city. Beautifully balancing its past and present, Boston preserves a majority of its history. Being one of the most culturally diverse and rich cities in the country, is it really a surprise to know that the city is laden with historic bars? In fact, some of these bars are so ancient; they date back to the 1700s! Deeply rooted in history, there are several watering holes, pubs and bars in this city, offering signature drinks as well as snacks adored by locals and admired by tourists. Here is the crème de la crème of historic bars.

Bell in Hand Tavern

This Boston landmark, amongst many other taverns, claims to be the oldest in the country. Established in 1785, Bell in Hand Tavern was founded by Jimmy Wilson who was the last town crier of the city. Changing from a traditional watering hole, this tavern is now equal parts of club and pub. It might be a little unsettling for Jimmy Wilson, as DJ’s mix new jams each night while drunk youngsters match steps in their inebriated reverie.

Union Oyster House

The Union Oyster House is a classic choice in Boston and has been an essential for seafood since centuries. Established in 1826, the bar is a hotspot for tourists and home to the famed Massachusetts Spy newspaper. Printed in the late eighteenth century, this beautifully designed bar is a must have for tourists looking for history and cultural along with fun and relaxation. Offering a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, the Union Oyster House is known for its shrimp cocktail, fish and chips as well as sandwiches.

Doyle’s Café

Doyle’s Café was first established in 1882 and is considered an important historic landmark when it comes to public houses. A typically old school haunt, Doyle’s Café is amongst the real and original Irish pubs in Boston. It is also home to sports fans wanting to catch the latest game and very popular amongst students looking for an affordable beer as well as great ambiance.

The Warren Tavern

Established in 1780, The Warren Tavern claims to be the most historic bar in the country. In its longstanding history with the British invasion of Charlestown, the tavern is known to be home to many spirits and has a reputation for paranormal activity. Its patrons include none other than George Washington himself. Other popular patrons of The Warren Tavern include John Kerry, Blake Lively, Jon Hamm, Ben Affleck and Paul Revere. The bar is most popular for its draft beer and a unique Washington Apple Martini, which is a blend of cranberry juice, apple Pucker and Crown Royal.

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