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Gearing Up For Trade Shows

By: capturecode | Nov 19, 2012

Attending trade shows and conferences is an integral part of the marketing world. This is not only relevant to marketers but to businesses as well. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when planning to attend a conference/trade show is what kind of swag you will bring.

When I say swag I don’t mean the pop culture term for dressing a certain way. Swag in the marketing universe refers to company branded collateral that will be given out to attendees for free. When deciding what to buy for your “swag stock” there are 3 simple guidelines that can be followed. Your time and money is very valuable so make the most of it by giving your potential customers something they will proudly show off.



1. How Useful Is It? – Remember back in the day (OK a few years ago) when USBs were all the rage and getting one for free at a show was one of the highlights of your day? Think along these lines. It can be anything from headphones (who doesn’t need an extra pair) to portable speakers to coozies or luggage tags. If it makes people excited enough to get in line for it it will make them excited enough to talk about your brand.

2. Does It Make Your Inner Child Happy? – We all need to let loose every now and then, reverting back to our childish ways. This option is perfect if your brand has a younger demographic that you want to target. Pick out something that has pop culture standing at the moment, sunglasses with mustaches attached, and give them out to people and ask them to upload a picture and tag your company on Twitter using your handle or a hashtag! Make it a contest if you want, but more than anything, make your inner child come out and play.

3. Does It Make People Happy Right Away? – Trade shows and conferences are great, but walking around all day is not. You talk to so many people, there’s never quite enough snacks, and the pain in your feet makes you want to walk barefoot. As always, one persons misfortune can be your opportunity to shine. Use your booth to become the go-to place, offer snacks, water bottles or anything else you can think of to make the day more bearable.

Well there you go folks, a few things to consider when deciding on what swag you want to order for your next appearance at a trade show or event.

Giving your brand a personality and a presence is the first step in growing your consumer base.

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