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Direct to Consumer Mobile Marketing Solutions

By: capturecode | Dec 22, 2012

Direct-to-consumer advertising is a popular approach that companies follow to increase brand awareness or when introducing new products into the marketplace.  Businesses and marketers using a DTC advertising model are finding it easier to reach out to meet their customer’s needs, in ways made possible through the advancement of technology of mobile devices. Smartphones give users access to unlimited choices; because of this companies are ramping up opting to push for marketing campaigns with mobile-based solutions.

Reaching valuable customers is becoming easier with an increased usage of smartphones in the United States day by day.  Technology is allowing restaurateurs to utilize the DTC advertising model in a user-friendly format via mobile marketing campaigns to target their regular patrons.  The power is with the consumers to gauge and select which promotional subscriptions to join, which are the best, and which deals bring the most value upon redemption. With the ability to consume specific content, how can merchants catch the attention of mobile users?  Retailers can save money with lower marketing costs than a paper based strategy.  Customers preferences are beginning to respond to mobile loyalty programs that reward repeat visits and draw distinctive users to try a product for the first time.  Combining a SaaS delivery model “in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud” with a DTC model, on-demand marketing campaigns targeting participating users can be done through the CaptureCode app.

CaptureCode is a fully integrated marketing CRM app being delivered on a whole new level, providing easy to use marketing tools used to engage with consumers and additional analytics to measure return on marketing investment.  Our model gives the power to marketers to analyze their marketing campaign’s performance and measure other key indicators that drive their business revenues.  Also, merchants have the ability to actively promote their products and services, and run promotional campaigns targeting specific groups, subgroups, or individuals.

Once a customer registers, they will receive a unique universal 2d barcode loaded with promotional offers to take advantage of all the discounts (not just at your restaurant but a number of other popular restaurants and businesses with the addition of new businesses to our CRM everyday). Our unique universal 2d barcode gives consumers the convenience of not having to carry around coupons, is able to store gift cards, and speeds transaction processing time.  CaptureCode’s portal will allow marketers to design and administer promotions that are run through a single interface. It is a fully integrated program for retail transaction processing, digital and mobile marketing, and CRM.   CaptureCode’s solution will provide you with the analytics you need to effectively promote your product or service and your brand.