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Digital Marketing Success Strategies

By: capturecode | Sep 15, 2014

With the use of Internet and mobile phones dominating the marketing landscape, the primary focus of marketing is shifting. It is not just about return on investment anymore, and the goal is also to cultivate a relationship with every consumer through multiple channels. This facilitates dynamic interactions with consumers and helps to collect relevant data that can be later used by companies to make informed decisions. Also, digital marketing scores over traditional marketing channels in terms of cost and reach. Right from email to Facebook, all digital marketing avenues fall into one of two types: direct and indirect.


Direct Marketing: The main attribute of this form of marketing is addressability. Every Internet user leaves behind digital footprints in the form of sites visited, e-mail addresses used and mobile number provided. These footprints are equivalent to a postal address from the real world and can be used to directly convey relevant messages by businesses to users. Messages can be conveyed through the following three channels – e-mail (via marketing collaterals), web (via cookies) and mobile (via promotional messages). Attention to detail in assessing the needs and aspirations of every individual customer and providing the relevant content is the key to success. Investment in direct marketing yields quick results and clocks in tangible profits.


Indirect Marketing: Any method that doesn’t offer to directly sell a product or a service to a certain individual or group, but instead contributes to building a relationship with a broad customer base constitutes indirect marketing. Starting up fun conversations on various forums, writing innovative blog posts to aid content marketing, posting a fun video and helping it go viral without actually directly promoting a service or product will help engage with the audience. These seemingly random conversations aid the later use of predictive analytics for focused direct marketing. It is not always feasible to quantify the results of an indirect marketing campaign and even then, it takes a while before one can figure out exactly how such an initiative is providing return on investment.

In our posts to come, we will look for ways to ensure that your emails are opened and blog posts are read. We look forward to exploring in greater detail the merits and demerits of direct and indirect marketing. Is it a direct approach that will be the most beneficial? Or, will an indirect approach reap better results? Or, will it be a well-though-out combination of both that will work best?





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