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Customer Experience: Holy Grail of Brand Building

By: capturecode | Sep 9, 2014

Not so long ago, all organizations had to do was woo consumers with a sensational advertisement campaign and offer them a high quality product. It was a given that they would stop looking around and be loyal to the brand.

Well, times have changed and with the dawn of the Internet era, lives have become increasingly influenced by social media, and consumers are now much better informed. Therefore, they pick and choose more astutely. Customers now demand more than a mere business transaction. They feel entitled to engagement and appreciation from the company. Customer experience is no longer confined only to a few key touch points involving direct interaction, but encompasses the whole gamut of emotions the consumer feels in a journey with the business. Customer experience can be easily enriched, contributing to an overall fulfilling memory for the consumer, with the help of these three stages:

The Curtain Raiser: Well begun is half done. A targeted advertising campaign will certainly help your cause and provide the ideal platform from where you can work your way up. It gives prospective customers something to relate to. The first step is to get folks to care about what you have to offer by creating an air of anticipation around your product, thereby urging one and all to embrace your brand. Remember the long lines in front of Apple stores before the launch of every new iPhone model?

Taking Centre Stage: This is where bulk of the action lies. A flawless product is quintessential for customers to even consider it in this uber-competitive world. Your well begun campaign has drawn the customers in and smart use of analytics will help you keep them. While predictive analytics help identify the target market, post product-launch and post service-delivery analytics will help you improve the experience. Even after a successful product launch, consumer feedback data can be used to design an elaborate digital experience centered on the product.

Show-stopper: So far so good, but all this hard work must lead to tangible results. Most companies make the mistake of ignoring existing customers which hunting for new ones. A successful business must first retain its customers and then focus on future prospects. A follow-up call or welcome mail would go a long way in making the customer feel valued and recognized. It’s here that your loyalty programs and rewards and recognition initiatives can chip in.

The above stages, Mobile Engagement, Consumer Analytics and Relationship Management, are the keystones in the world of digital marketing. Customer experience is not a destination to be reached but a journey to be relished. It is the sum total of a customer’s overall experience spanning the lifecycle of his association with a brand, which in turn shapes his perception. It can be quantified and upgraded at any and every touch point, resulting in a superior experience.
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