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Customer Engagement and Customer Experience – Is There a Difference?

By: capturecode | Jul 8, 2014

Customer engagement is the one area that businesses are shifting their focus to these days. But what is customer engagement? Is it the same as customer experience? Not entirely. Customer engagement is not the same as customer experience, like many businesses think. Here is an explanation of what customer engagement is and in what ways it is different from customer experience.


Customer engagement is focused

To make a greater impact on the market and influence the customer even better, companies have moved on from thinking about customer experience to thinking about customer engagement.

Customer engagement is all about a specific aspect of the relationship that an organization has with the customer – the part where the customer interacts with the brand. Customer engagement is about doing the best thing – giving information or indulging in a process that will engage the customer better with the brand. This interaction with the company needs to be a positive one, if the overall experience of the customer has to be positive.


Customer experience is not the result

The point of focusing in customer engagement is to deliver rich and rewarding experience that the customer will appreciate and come back to the brand for more business. Customer engagement involves in personalizing customer experience by engaging the audience through multiple channels like social media sites, mobile platforms and online platforms. It is no more just about creating a webpage or site that the customers visit. It is also about creating extraordinary experiences that will encourage the customers to continue their relationship with the company.


With customer engagement, businesses can create positive customer experiences that the company can benefit from. This makes customer experience a process, but not the end result, that can boost sales for the company.


Customer engagement and customer experience influence their choices

Customer engagement is how the customer interacts with the brand and how he responds to it. Customer experience is determined by the kind of response that the customer receives during the interaction. If this response from the business is perceived as positive, the customer will like his interaction with the brand. If he likes what he gets back during the interaction, his experience is considered to be good.


Good experience means happy customers, and every such satisfied customer adds to the business’ chances of growth, as the experience and the interaction of the customer is what determines whether or not the customer is likely to choose a specific brand for his or her needs.


Customer experience also influences loyalty. Repeated good experiences that the customer has with a brand play an important role in customer loyalty. So by creating personalized customer engagement, businesses can enhance customer experience and also customer loyalty.

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