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Coupons and Discounts Can Help Companies Build Brands

By: capturecode | Dec 2, 2014

The word brand is traditionally defined as “an identifying mark burned on livestock or (especially formerly) criminals or slaves with a branding iron.” While a rather coarse definition, the key to any company building a brand lies in the first three words: an identifying mark. Simply placing a company logo on every document, writing pad, t-shirt and giveaways is no longer enough. Instead, branding is all about “creating a connection” with the consumer’s brain on a psychological and emotional level. By “creating this connection” and continuing to strengthen it, the goal is for the consumer to take on the brand as their own identity; you want the consumer to be using your brand as a means of defining themselves. So, if that’s the ultimate goal then why can’t companies use coupons and discounts to help create this brand image? The answer lies in developing “strategic promotions” in order to build customer loyalty and ultimately building a quality brand.

This is where CaptureCode’s expertise comes into play. CaptureCode specializes in providing a means of luring customers by working with merchants of small, medium and large sizes in order to develop a strategic promotional endeavor to induce not only additional revenue, but also develop customer loyalty; the driving force behind building a quality brand. That being said, let’s take a look at how CaptureCode actually creates the bridge from promotions to customer loyalty to help create your brand.

Given that the outcome of a promotion is crucial in order to still maintain a consistent and smooth flowing everyday operation, strategic promotions becomes essential to success. And in order to use these strategic promotions as a way to develop a prominent brand, a lot of factors have to be accounted for. First and foremost, the demographics of a location are essential to any promotional plan. Focusing first on market research is essential to developing a strategic plan of attack; if you do not know who you want to market to/ send promotions to then what is the point? CaptureCode provides you with the know-how to do the research for you but also provides you a way to track the redemption rate on promotions and provides you with who actually redeemed the promotion. Of course, many other factors besides the demographic information and location zip code come into play such as gross margin, average check size, etc, but those are factors that CaptureCode helps  make more frequent or larger as a result of developing a strategic promotional plan that addresses your current marketing efforts, including social marketing and any gaps. CaptureCode works with you to understand your customer databases, current loyalty, points, and gift card  programs, mobile payments, on-demand surveys, donation programs, use of social media and integration. Lastly, CaptureCode works to help you address a 30 – 60 – 90 days marketing plan in order to help you combine all of your disparate offerings with  one single solution and mobile presence, all for zero additional cost.


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