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Counting Down to the iPhone 5

By: capturecode | Aug 6, 2012

Awaiting Apple's Next Big Announcment

Despite many major products released in 2012, one question still remains, when will the iPhone 5 come out?

Apple is notorious for not giving any information about new products before they release them. Although Apple had kept a consistent summer release for new iPhones at the annual World Wide Developers Conference, they have failed to follow this well known pattern at the most recent WWDC.

Camera problems with the iPhone 4 in white caused a 9-month delay, which resulted in an April 28th release. This was the beginning of impending problems. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs untimely illness caused Apple to release the iPhone 4S later than expected, on October 4th.

This inconsistency leaves Apple consumers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what new innovative products they will come out with. Many people question the hype behind the iPhone. What makes it so good? Why is it so popular? iPhones have unique features including Siri, a voice recognition software, which understands you and assists you with everyday errands and that surprisingly comes with an attitude and a hint of sarcasm. Apple has built a foundation, from iTunes, to the App Store. Buying applications and music has never been easier. Many people find Apple products much easier to use then a PC. As the year passes, iPhone 5 rumors increase.

As we reach the beginning of August, many reliable sources expect a September 12th release date. Many sources say because of new competition from Samsung and their Galaxy S3, Apple will release there newest generation a month earlier than expected so they can reduce the number of Galaxy S3 sales. Although Apple might announce the launch on September 12th, the retail release is expected to take around 9 days. Many consumers expect a 4-inch display instead of the previous 3.5 inch display along with a better camera and graphics.

With this latest product update, it is expected that a complete redesign will be seen. Although little information is confirmed, this will always be a popular topic, even after it’s released because after all, Apple never ceases to amaze.

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