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Consumer Behavior, the Emotional Element

By: capturecode | Aug 7, 2014

Consumer behavior tells you a lot about which way the buyer is leaning when it comes to doing business with you. There are a number of factors that influence consumer decisions today – from advertising, brand relationship to the quality of products and services offered by the business – everything plays a role in helping the customer decide. What can businesses do about it then? For one, they can try to influence the way the consumer thinks, with psychological tactics.

Using customer data to understand behavior

Understanding customer behavior is the first step to changing it. Big data is everywhere and businesses are using it to make critical decisions that affect their bottom line. Facebook has been accused of using customer data without their permission. OKCupid became the second site recently, after it was revealed that the dating site was using customers’ details and tracking them to understand their behavior online.

Should you do that too? Well, not all customers like to be tracked online. In fact, most people are against it. Some may be willing to agree to it if you explain that you are using the data to improve your services and offer them what they want. The best way would be to get the customers’ authorization before using their details.

Bring in emotion

One of the tactics that businesses indulge in is to run emotional and psychological campaigns, in which the aim is to connect with the customer on an emotional level. Rather than focusing on the product features and advantages, the marketing campaigns today look at ways to make emotions run. The psychological and emotional components that they bring in their advertising are so strong that they outsell the features of the product.

Put your brand first in consumers’ minds

Do you know where your brand stands among others in your customers’ minds? If it isn’t the first place, then it doesn’t matter. To get ahead of your competition, not only should you offer better products than the rest in the market, but you should also create a slot in the customers mind for your business. That is not all. You should reposition your brand’s slot to the top – change the way they think about your product or service by changing how they think about you.

Instill doubt and fear

One of the legitimate tactics that most businesses use is to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt – the FUD technique that will make customers think twice about the choice they make. This is an effective technique that businesses can use to change or at least influence the way consumers behave when it comes to certain brands.

Exclusivity makes them feel good

Exclusivity makes your consumers feel good. Offer them that and they are likely to go with you. Exclusivity makes them feel special, like they belong to a top tier group and promotes their self-esteem too, which is what makes them lean towards a particular brand or product.

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