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Five Tips to Get More from Mobile Marketing

By: capturecode | 10 Apr 2014

With the number of people using mobile and smartphones increasing around the world, the percentage of businesses increasing their expenditure on mobile advertising is also…

Why Majority Use Smartphones for Shopping?

By: capturecode | 28 Mar 2014

There is no denying that the number of smartphone users around the world is increasing quickly. Almost everybody has a mobile phone today, and very…

How to be Hands-on Restaurateur

By: capturecode | 27 Feb 2014

Being a restaurateur may be the most challenging profession you could choose. After all, you don’t have an option but to ensure that your services…

Choose the Best Platform for Mobile Marketing

By: capturecode | 18 Feb 2014

Engaging your audience is key to success in any business. Today, with the prevalence of mobile technology and the increasing influence of various social media…

How To Make Your Mobile Offers Effective?

By: capturecode | 11 Feb 2014

Mobile couponing has transformed the way businesses market their offerings to their target audience. An increasing number of businesses are focusing their efforts on providing…