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Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By: capturecode | 4 Jun 2014

Businesses that missed the social media bus need not worry about the lost opportunities. Mobile marketing is here to stay and offer you more than…

How Personal Should Mobile Marketing Be?

By: capturecode | 2 Jun 2014

Mobile technology in marketing has taken businesses one step closer to the user. Mobile marketing is as personal as it can get according to some….

Justifying Your Mobile Marketing Budget

By: capturecode | 15 May 2014

Mobile advertising is growing at a great speed, and companies around the world are busy spending billions of dollars to woo the mobile users. But…

Brand Building via Mobile Engagement

By: capturecode | 8 May 2014

Building a brand is no easy task, especially in the day and age where television and print advertising is overtaken by online marketing. The internet…

Is Attracting New Customers A Marketing Game?

By: capturecode | 24 Apr 2014

Attracting new customers is a tough proposition in this era of intense competition. However great your marketing plan might be, there is little guarantee that…