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Customer Service Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

By: capturecode | 17 Feb 2014

 The customer service landscape is changing. Customers demand agility, accessibility and personalization. Businesses have the opportunity to exploit the potential of social and mobile channels;…

Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing

By: capturecode | 2 Jan 2013

Seizing a customer’s attention long enough to display your merchandise can possibly be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.  Having a customer’s…

Effective Marketing Campaigns

By: capturecode | 29 Nov 2012

In the previous posting, a case for a single integrated solution was laid out. In this post, real life results demonstrate the ability of CaptureCode…

Counting Down to the iPhone 5

By: capturecode | 6 Aug 2012

Despite many major products released in 2012, one question still remains, when will the iPhone 5 come out? Apple is notorious for not giving any information…