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A Closer Look at Customer Engagement

By: capturecode | 23 Sep 2014

Taking a cue from our previous post, let’s look at the elements of customer engagement in greater detail. The key elements of customer engagement are:…

To Market! To Market!

By: capturecode | 19 Sep 2014

We’ve so far looked into the importance of both direct and indirect approaches to digital marketing and various ways to make them work. Let’s now…

Moving from Spam to Effective Communication

By: capturecode | 16 Sep 2014

Taking cue from our previous post, this one will be dedicated to discussing direct marketing. Plenty has been said about what works and more about…

Wearable Tech and Mobile Marketing

By: capturecode | 29 Aug 2014

Mobile marketing is the trend right now. The increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets has paved way for marketers to reach out to…