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The Importance of Influence

By: capturecode | 25 Sep 2014

In keeping with our earlier posts, let’s dwell upon another key facet of customer engagement, the element of influence. Influence can be either direct or…

A Closer Look at Customer Engagement

By: capturecode | 23 Sep 2014

Taking a cue from our previous post, let’s look at the elements of customer engagement in greater detail. The key elements of customer engagement are:…

To Market! To Market!

By: capturecode | 19 Sep 2014

We’ve so far looked into the importance of both direct and indirect approaches to digital marketing and various ways to make them work. Let’s now…

Humanizing a Brand

By: capturecode | 18 Sep 2014

If Forbes  is to be believed, then ROI has a new full-form – Return on Impression ( The digital era and virtually omnipresent Internet users…

Keep your customers engaged at different levels

By: capturecode | 5 Sep 2014

Effective customer engagement constitutes the bread and butter of any successful brand or business. A look into the different degrees to which customers are engaged…

Five Great Tips for Customer Retention

By: capturecode | 22 Aug 2014

These days, consumers know better than to hold on to a brand just for the sake of loyalty. If they can get the same product…