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Mobile payments evolve to replace cash

By: capturecode | 23 Oct 2013

Mobile payments continue to gain a foothold in modern society, with businesses and consumers alike finding significant advantages in using digital wallets.

Transitioning into a cashless society

By: capturecode | 18 Oct 2013

The notion of a cashless society may seem like something ripped straight from a science-fiction movie, with people using digital accounts to pay for everything from expensive jewelry to a soft drink at a convenience store with a quick tap of a device.

Mobile couponing – the way of the future

By: capturecode | 19 Sep 2013

By monitoring mobile couponing trends on an individual level, retailers can provide a more personalized experience for shoppers by presenting them with offers that will likely appeal to them rather than expecting them to weed through lists themselves.

Mobile payments set to explode

By: capturecode | 12 Sep 2013

The concept of mobile payments isn’t new to the majority of people who own smartphone and tablet devices.

The window for mobile payments

By: capturecode | 6 Sep 2013

When you make a purchase, how often do you think about how you’ll pay? For most people, it’s a trivial process – they go with whatever is easiest. If they have cash in their pocket to cover the charge, they’ll go with that.

3 tips for mobile payments at retail locations

By: capturecode | 5 Sep 2013

Most retailers cherish the notion that “the customer is always right” and would take a number of actions to create a better shopping experience for all of their patrons. For many of these brands, this translates into embracing the mobile phenomenon that has swept the nation.

You don’t need to be a big business to accept mobile payments

By: capturecode | 16 Aug 2013

For many businesses, mobile technology seems like one of those assets that only big companies can afford – it’s a new technology that’s always evolving and companies aren’t quite sure how to leverage them. However, mobile solutions are actually quite affordable, even though they provide a lot of value that many entrepreneurs may assume would be expensive.