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Tips to Prevent Online Payment Fraud

By: capturecode | 26 Feb 2014

As a small business owner, it is in your best interest to make your store internet-friendly and that often means facilitating e-commerce transactions. One of…

Mobile payments pundits expect big things

By: capturecode | 9 Jan 2014

Mobile payments have been a fascination of many forward-thinking companies for a long time, whether it’s the financial service providers that create apps that enable these transactions or the end-of-the-line entrepreneurs who simply use them at their businesses.

More countries making the transition to cashless societies

By: capturecode | 27 Dec 2013

Although it may be too early to claim that cash is going the way of the dodo, a new report from MasterCard suggests that many countries throughout the world are slowly transitioning to cashless societies due to the convenience of mobile payments.

Using mobile tools to bolster operational capabilities

By: capturecode | 6 Dec 2013

If businesses don’t currently use mobile applications for work-related functions, entrepreneurs may only have experience with consumer-facing applications that allow them to locate nearby stores, collect reward points and do other similar activities.

Utilizing payment services to create a compelling mobile experience

By: capturecode | 21 Nov 2013

Physical currency has been used for thousands of years, with Mobile Payments Today attributing the minting of the first coin to King Alyattes around 610 to 600 BCE. When you think about it, that means it’s taken millennia for humans to come up with a more proficient way of paying for goods.