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Does Mobile Marketing Suit your Product?

By: capturecode | 23 Jul 2014

Mobile marketing is the latest trend that marketers across industries are following. Every business wants to make the most of mobile technology to reach out…

Is your Mobile Marketing Strategy Over Targeting?

By: capturecode | 15 Jul 2014

Mobile platforms make targeted marketing easier for businesses across all industries. Focused marketing is more efficient and delivers bigger results, more often than not. Now…

Is your Business Really CRM Ready?

By: capturecode | 26 Jun 2014

Businesses in today’s marketplace are well aware of the importance of effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management). However not all business owners realize that there is…

Brand Strategy Mistakes: What the CMOs Miss

By: capturecode | 24 Jun 2014

Marketing professionals are responsible for creating a brand image that works for your business. This means the kind of reaction that a customer or prospect…