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Engage your customers on a personal level

By: capturecode | 15 Mar 2013

Engage Your Customers On a Personal Level: Reward your customers and grow your revenue with a custom-tailored incentive program for your brand.

Allow more interactions among consumers

By: capturecode | 22 Feb 2013

What if consumer engagement could be stretched to include forming relationships not just with the brand, but with fellow shoppers?

The connecting thread: Engagement meets fashion

By: capturecode | 9 Feb 2013

Many retail leaders have tapped into the smartphone audience over the last year or two, since the device became the most popular cell​phone type in the United States.

Engaging Consumers as Individuals

By: capturecode | 26 Dec 2012

Mass communication days are over and are being replaced with a personalized marketing approach that targets individual user’s preferences.  Marketers are keen to seek opportunities…