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Taking advantage of the ‘showrooming’ trend

By: capturecode | 12 Jun 2013

For both small and large retailers alike, “showrooming” – the act of going to a store to check out an item before purchasing it online for a better price – has quickly become perceived as a top threat.

The app exposure conundrum

By: capturecode | 4 Jun 2013

Businesses nowadays are being urged to embrace mobile technology, particularly applications. Apps are incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from payments and loyalty to research and price comparisons.

Utilizing Big Data to maximize engagement and loyalty initiatives

By: capturecode | 11 Apr 2013

Big Data has become a central focus of many companies over the past decade. Computer technology enables entrepreneurs to collect a significant amount of information about their customers based on purchase histories, web activity and other behaviors related to brand engagement.

Making customers feel like people of status

By: capturecode | 2 Apr 2013

When entrepreneurs run a successful business, they often realize it’s the small things that count – greeting customers with a smile, going the extra mile to assist them on the sales floor or opening an extra register to check them out more quickly.

The role of apps

By: capturecode | 21 Mar 2013

Apps can be used by businesses for a variety of purposes, from powering loyalty initiatives to essentially acting as a mirror to mobile websites.

Technology and innovation are critical to engaging today’s customers

By: capturecode | 19 Mar 2013

The International Customer Experience World (ICEW) conference was held recently in Johannesburg, South Africa, and brands from across the world gathered at the event to discuss one central issue that every business contends with: How do I keep customers engaged and coming back for future purchases?