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A new way of approaching BI in 2013

By: capturecode | 20 Feb 2013

One of the things successful companies have done so far is compiled large amounts of data related to customers, their preferences and what products are flying off the shelves.

BI should influence mobile experience

By: capturecode | 7 Feb 2013

In a modern landscape, many retailers will see increased success if they adopt new strategies to reach consumers on a variety of levels.

Mobile BI widely considered a reality

By: capturecode | 18 Jan 2013

Companies are understanding what they should do with the information they garner from fans who access the corporate website and purchasing gateways through mobile phones.

Mobile marketing to see numerous innovations in 2013

By: capturecode | 15 Jan 2013

While many believe that this mobile payments technology became a focus for a number of retailers in 2012, 2013 might be the year in which marketers and store administrators hone their skills using these programs.

Gearing Up For Trade Shows

By: capturecode | 19 Nov 2012

Attending trade shows and conferences is an integral part of the marketing world. This is not only relevant to marketers but to businesses as well….

Counting Down to the iPhone 5

By: capturecode | 6 Aug 2012

Despite many major products released in 2012, one question still remains, when will the iPhone 5 come out? Apple is notorious for not giving any information…