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Three examples of business intelligence paying off in dividends

By: capturecode | 3 May 2013

Business intelligence (BI) is quickly being integrated by companies across the globe as a means to identify new markets, refine product selection, improve engagement initiatives and streamline operations amongst other things.

SMBs and BI: A match for the ages

By: capturecode | 12 Apr 2013

When entrepreneurs hear the world “business intelligence,” the first thing that may spring to mind is an expansive database of data and metrics collected from hundreds of different areas.

Visualizing business intelligence

By: capturecode | 5 Apr 2013

Data is everywhere. Just about everything customers do nowadays can be recorded, tracked, filtered and used for reports or studies.

5 reasons to care about business intelligence

By: capturecode | 4 Apr 2013

If entrepreneurs are running a small business or a young startup, they may be familiar with business intelligence (BI) but not with what it’s used for or what it could mean to their company.

BI to get more depth in 2013

By: capturecode | 28 Feb 2013

Business intelligence is something that a number of corporation owners have looked into but not expressly sought out over the past few years.