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Turning consumer engagement into a metric

By: capturecode | 10 Sep 2013

Consumer engagement can be a hard aspect to gauge. It’s easy to determine how many clicks a website gets, the open rate of an email newsletter and the conversion rate of a particular product or service.

Collecting data without jeopardizing customer relationships

By: capturecode | 26 Aug 2013

Analytics and metrics are the fuel for many companies, specifically for their consumer engagement strategies. By better understanding the demographical information, shopping habits, preferences and other key pieces of data about their target audience, brands can significantly enhance their product offerings and the overall customer experience.

Mobile campaigns are all about re-engagement

By: capturecode | 22 Aug 2013

Many companies are turning to their existing customer base to bolster revenue. For entrepreneurs looking to maximize the sales potential of repeat shoppers, mobile devices are key to re-engaging consumers.

What mobile data means for marketing campaigns

By: capturecode | 14 Aug 2013

Considering how many pieces of data they’re generating each and every day, it may not come as any surprise that you can get a very accurate picture of a customer based on how they use their phones.

Using metrics, analytics to fine-tune your value proposition

By: capturecode | 17 Jun 2013

Value propositions differ from industry to industry, business to business and even between the launch of different products and services from the same company, so it’s critical that you’re crafting a value proposition that makes sense for your industry and customer.

Customer analytics are critical to an effective digital strategy

By: capturecode | 29 May 2013

Today’s merchants are less focused on channel and more on the overall experience. In the past, entrepreneurs may have considered web, mobile and brick-and-mortar as disparate ways to reach consumers, but now they are all pieces of the puzzle that help retailers effectively engage shoppers with a single digital strategy.