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Budgeting for Customer Engagement

By: capturecode | 25 Jul 2014

Modern marketers and business owners agree that customer engagement is the new consumer experience. eMarketer has predicted that the annual spending on marketing in the…

What’s Next In Customer Analytics?

By: capturecode | 1 Jul 2014

Customer analytics is what enables businesses to understand their target audience better, so that they can offer the right solutions to them. So far, customer…

Improving Customer Service through BI

By: capturecode | 10 Apr 2014

It is age-old wisdom that to please your customers and encourage them to be loyal to you, you not only need quality products and services,…

Big BI Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

By: capturecode | 24 Mar 2014

When you have a lot of data but cannot manage it or make any sense out of it, business intelligence is what you need. BI…