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Customer Engagement in the Insurance Industry

By: capturecode | 3 Sep 2014

Customer engagement remains the buzzword across all business sectors, including insurance. The interaction between an insurance company and a policy holder is not always direct,…

Back to School Marketing Campaigns

By: capturecode | 26 Aug 2014

Companies across the US have been busy creating their back-to-school marketing campaigns to get the attention of the young adults who are all set to…

Five Great Tips for Customer Retention

By: capturecode | 22 Aug 2014

These days, consumers know better than to hold on to a brand just for the sake of loyalty. If they can get the same product…

Disruptive Trends in the Retail Industry

By: capturecode | 21 Aug 2014

The retail industry has experienced several revolutionary trends in the past decade. The emergence of online stores, online purchase/store pick up options, and mobile shopping…

Mobile Users lead the Social Media Surge

By: capturecode | 20 Aug 2014

According to recent study by Forrester Research, more and more people on the go are accessing social media sites and are actively engaged on them….

Big Data Lessons for the Sales Team

By: capturecode | 17 Aug 2014

Big data has many uses for businesses in all sectors. Of all the departments in an organization, it is the sales team that can benefit…

Top Trends in Customer Expectation

By: capturecode | 13 Aug 2014

Continuous increase in expectations of customers is forcing businesses to take a second look at what they are offering. With changing trends in customer expectations,…

Consumer Behavior, the Emotional Element

By: capturecode | 7 Aug 2014

Consumer behavior tells you a lot about which way the buyer is leaning when it comes to doing business with you. There are a number…