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Promotions-On-The-Go: Why businesses need to engage customers at a personal level

By: capturecode | 19 Feb 2015

In our previous blog we discussed how companies can build up their brands through discounts and/or targeted promotions and in that we heavily emphasized the concept of strategic promotions. We provided you with some ways in which CaptureCode can help but we did not address the underlying idea of what strategic promotions can really allow your business to do when engaging customers on a personal level. In today’s world, it’s easy to bombard social media sites and become prominent in ads on a plethora of websites but do they yield the same long-term benefits as that of making a more personal connection with a customer. Let’s take a closer look.

The Importance of Influence

By: capturecode | 25 Sep 2014

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To Market! To Market!

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Humanizing a Brand

By: capturecode | 18 Sep 2014

If Forbes  is to be believed, then ROI has a new full-form – Return on Impression ( The digital era and virtually omnipresent Internet users…

Digital Marketing Success Strategies

By: capturecode | 15 Sep 2014

With the use of Internet and mobile phones dominating the marketing landscape, the primary focus of marketing is shifting. It is not just about return…

Keep your customers engaged at different levels

By: capturecode | 5 Sep 2014

Effective customer engagement constitutes the bread and butter of any successful brand or business. A look into the different degrees to which customers are engaged…