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Mobile Rewards are a Win-Win For Consumers and Merchants Alike

By: Tony Padam | Sep 4, 2015

ROI of 538% It is no secret that the world is moving on a fast track towards the digital world. As the generation of newspapers, books, and radios nears an end, a new generation of smartphones and the internet is rapidly taking over. Today, consumers have access to a vast amount of digital content in a matter of seconds right at their fingertips. While the use of digital marketing can ensure more exposure to consumers, it also allows merchants to…

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In our previous blog we discussed how companies can build up their brands through discounts and/or targeted promotions and in that we heavily emphasized the concept of strategic promotions. We provided you with some ways in which CaptureCode can help but we did not address the underlying idea of what strategic promotions can really allow your business to do when engaging customers on a personal level. In today’s world, it’s easy to bombard social media sites and become prominent in ads on a plethora of websites but do they yield the same long-term benefits as that of making a more personal connection with a customer. Let’s take a closer look.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

By: capturecode | Sep 29, 2014

Businesses work hard to get people to notice them, buy their products/services and share their buying/users experience online. In order to achieve this, employees need…

The Importance of Influence

By: capturecode | Sep 25, 2014

In keeping with our earlier posts, let’s dwell upon another key facet of customer engagement, the element of influence. Influence can be either direct or…

A Closer Look at Customer Engagement

By: capturecode | Sep 23, 2014

Taking a cue from our previous post, let’s look at the elements of customer engagement in greater detail. The key elements of customer engagement are:…

To Market! To Market!

By: capturecode | Sep 19, 2014

We’ve so far looked into the importance of both direct and indirect approaches to digital marketing and various ways to make them work. Let’s now…